Fix Outlook Pst and Scanpst Errors in One Go

POutlook has got lots of usabilities and gathers lots of features in one. Thus there are millions of users on outlook. But it is no way ignored that there are lots of cases found when the users face errors on outlook. Which is very annoying as it hurdles the work and job progress. Thus according to these microsoft has provided an inbuilt tool named as scanpst.exe that gets installed along with the outlook. This scanpst.exe is found useful as many times of outlook errors but the usability of scanpst is not much.. Also users always ask how to fix scanpst errors, let us know how this situation occurs and what is the solution to it.

Scan able Outlook PST Files

Scanpst is found to be half worthy as it is capable of repairing the common errors on outlook and small genuine damages of pst files. But when it comes to fix uncommon errors on outlook or to recover outlook from major damages of pst files, scanpst.exe generally fails. And when scanpst fails it generates its own errors. Then the situation becomes critical when you try to fix some errors and in return you get additional errors in an attempt to fix it. The only answer to fix scanpst errors is to install a third party tool such as pst repair tool. This tool is capable of resolving scanpst errors and providing guaranteed solution to every outlook errors.

Efficiency in Repairing Corrupt PST File:-

The pst repair tool not only guarantees to reover outlook, repair pst files but also to fix scanpst errors. The pst tool works very efficiently and effectively. Its functions could be understood as below:

  • Guarantees and Recovers Outlook Mailbox, mails and attachments from every minor or major errors on outlook.
  • Over sized pst files are also repaired
  • Selective recovery is also possible
  • Acidentally or intentionally deleted data are also recovered
  • Splits up pst files getting over sized
  • Password recovery is also performed
  • Password recovery is also performed
  • Supports evry system and approx every operating systems
  • Compatible to every outlook versions