Unable To Open Attachments- How to Repair

Outlook mailing platform is one of the most unique platform and has wonderful features with it. In outlook user can send as well as receive as many attachments at the same time in the same mail. This facility is gaining popularity as it enables the user to do the job in lesser time. But many a times the outlook shows error such as errors regarding outlook 2010 unable to open attachments. As some times the user tries to access the attachment they have got but due to some error they are unable to do so. Whensoever they try to do so they are left with such a message on the outlook mailing platform.

"Cannot create file: Report.xls. Right-click the folder you want to create the file in, and then click Properties on the shortcut menu to check your permissions for the folder. "

After the flash of this message on the users outlook mailbox the user is unable to open the files having attachments. This happens to all the files present in the outlook pst. The user gets afraid as they cant access their important documents saved in the outlook platform. So therefore there is a need to perform repair . This error happens due to accessing several files at a time in the outlook mailbox. So therefore it is needed to close some of the files and then restart. But this error can occur due to the uncertain virus attack and in such a error the saved files at outlook pst gets damaged so therefore it is recommended toinstall the pst repair software so that the user can easily repair all the damaged files in the outlook pst and moreover with this software they can also access the deleted files from the platform. So therefore it is advisable to install the software as the software can easily recover all the files in the outlook including the password protected one.