Outlook 2007 Incompatible Olmapi32.dll Error

Outlook 2007 olmapi32.dll is incompatible error has been faced by many users. The basic fault hidden behind this error might be either the wrong installation of outlook could be called as faulty installation. Or it could be caused of two outlook versions running at a time in a system This is very annoying as this error outlook 2007 olmapi32.dll is incompatible when gets detected then this error does not let the outlook work. The users is unable to even open the outlook. The manual method method to make it right could be as follows.

  • Manual Method:
  • The first advised manual method is to install the outlook again on the system as the faulty outlook installation could be also the reason behind the error outlook 2007 olmapi32.dll is incompatible. Users are advised to restart the computer after the uninstallation and then the next reinstallation should be done.
  • The second method could be tried as to uninstall one version of outlook from the system completely in case of having two versions at a time.
  • Automatic Method:

The automatic method defines the outlook 2007 olmapi32.dll is incompatible solutions very efficiently. The best way to correct your outlook working is to download and install a good enough pst repair tool. The tool will scan and handle the outlook errors. And also outlook pst repair tool prevents users from future errors on outlook. Thus when it is installed there is no delay, no wastage of time and no requirement of any manual methods. The tool is very good to repair outlook from any kind of issues.