Outlook 2010 Not Indexing Mails and Contacts

It has become a common issue that outlook 2010 not indexing mails, inbox or contacts. The outlook is a good platform to work however it is also well known that it does not leave anyone from it's bunch of errors. Similarly the not indexing error is also a trouble to sort. The outlook needs to it's files to be arranged and that's the only issue that is required to be done to get outlook running smoothly. The outlook 2010 is famous for so many errors and along with the outlook 2010 not indexing error all can be sort with an automatic tool.

Outlook 2010 not indexing inbox, all mails and contacts. Are you also a suffere of this? Like so many users this error might have caught your outlook. But the way to get rid of it is easy. If you follow some of the steps you can get it done. The steps could be understood as follows:

  • Click on download
  • Choose your preference either to download or to buy the software.
  • Install it on your system and then you go.

As soon as you install it o your system, you get a new window when you run it. In the new window select the option to repair and then again search and select the pst file. The file is when selected you can then start to scan it when you will get the errors detected. After that the error is detected the backup could be taken of the pst file. As soon as you create a backup you can fix the pst file. Here you go and your outlook is ready to run as previous.