scanpst.exe missing outlook 2013 How To Find It out

Many a times the user faces many problems due to the damaged files in their outlook mailbox. They are unable to open that file and use the data of that file. Sometimes the damaged file also reduces abstains the user to perform their work as due to the lack of needed information. And this create the reason for worries of the user. So therefore thinking about all such problems of user in mind the developers at outlook has designed the scanpst tool. The scanpst is a inbuilt tool provided by the outlook designers to repair the damaged files in the outlook folder. Moreover many a times the user is unable to locate the scanpst to use it for the repair of the damaged outlookand many a times the scanpst files are found missing and the mailbox shows such a message ."scanpst.exe missing outlook 2013" But still it can be located.For all of them scanpst is located in the following folder.....

C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice15And moreover the user can also search it by a click through following the processes....For Office 2013 installed using the “Click to Run” system, you need to check the rootOffice15 folder found in C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office 15

So therefore by visiting these paths one can easily goto the scanpst location and then install it to perform the repair of all their damaged files. But many a times the outlook damged files are very difficult to bring back through the scanpst tool. So therefore it is recommended to the user to install the outlook pst repair software to perform the repair moreover recovery of the damaged and deleted files from the outlook folder. The software is so good at recovering the files back to the outlook platform that it does all such jobs within the fraction of minutes. So therefore it is recommended to install the outlook pst repair software so that the user can easily get back all their deleted files from he outlook mailbox.