Scanpst.exe Keeps Finding Issues Get Stuck and Generate Errors

Scanpst.exe is a default tool of outlook that is inbuilt to it. This gets installed along with outlook. This tool is a product of microsoft built to repair outlook hence is good enough to repair outlook issues. Bu the truth that follow these above lines everytime is that scanpst.exe is not good enough to repair uncommon errors on outlook and not enough to repair the major damages to pst files. So to all the users it becomes very critical when they try to repair the outlook errors and the scanpst.exe keeps finding issues for long.

Well the problem with scanpst does not end here. The time scanpst even get the issue occured on outlook and tried to repair it generally is found to produce it's own errors of failures. In case of trying to repair outlook major damages and errors, it hard to get the out of scanpst.exe keeps finding issues. So here we are with a solution to it. Get a third party outlook repair tool and be the smart outlook user. The pst tool is an all rouder kit. Let us see some of it's specifications her:

  • Recovers mailbox includes emails, attachments and contacts, notes, journal, calender recovery.
  • Accidentally or intentionally deleted pst files are recovered
  • Supports all type of format of data.
  • Support all type of Outlook Versions.
  • Selective recovery, Oversized data recovery is also possible with repair tool
  • Easy to access, a complete solution. You get regular software updates.
  • Splits large pst files into small pst files. Avoids chance of oversized file corruptions.
  • Helps split and arrange pst files by date. You can also create new pst file to arrange your mails according to the date range.
  • Split files according to your wish of size.
  • You can split and create a new pst folder and can keep mails according to specific Mail Id.
  • Recovers lost, missing, forgotten passwords for pst files or mail accounts.