Scanpst.exe Unable to Locate Component Issues on Outlook

Every outlook user who is well familiar with the application must have got the full information about scanpst.exe. Scanpst is a good tool that is inbuilt ot outlook for fixing errors. But it is also never ignored that it also has got few issues that at times leave user in critical conditions when they try to fix outlook. This is due to the fact that scanpst fails to fix major damages on outlook pst files and to repair the outlook uncommon severe errors. Similarly while fixing errors scanpst generates it's own error as scanpst.exe unable to locate component. This is very annoying error of scanpst happens when the scanpst fails to detect the pst files.

This is a bitter truth about outlook default inbuilt tool scanpst that it fails to repair pst files many of the times. And when it fails it produce errors as “scanpst.exe unable to locate components” or scanpst missing etc. There are numerous errors that scanpst generates it is hard to ignore them as well as to count them. When scanpst fails to detect the location of pst files there are a very few options that a user can do:

  • Download Scanpst.exe tool from the internet
  • Download a third party tool. Like pst repair tool or some else.

The outlook pst repair tool has got lots of features could be understood as:

Recovers mailbox includes emails, attachments and contacts, notes, journal, calender recovery. Accidentally or intentionally deleted pst files are recovered. Supports all type of format of data. Support all type of Outlook Versions. Selective recovery is possible. Oversized pst file data recovery is also possible.Easy to access, a complete solution. You get regular software updates. Splits large pst files into small pst files. Avoids chance of oversized file corruptions.